A successful conference necessitates a great deal of organising and work behind the scenes. We are most grateful to each person  who has agreed to serve on the following committees to organise the 3rd ICPCN International Conference. They each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and will ensure the best possible conference experience for our delegates.

Conference Committee

Prof Julia Downing (ICPCN/ Conference & Committee Chair)
Richard Carling (ICPCN)
Dr Michelle Meiring (PatchSA)
Dr Liz Gwyther (HPCA)
Zodwa Sithole (HPCA)
Tracey Brand (Umduduzi, Hospice Care for Children)
Dr Julia Ambler (Umduduzi, Hospice Care for Children)
Sue Boucher (ICPCN)
Busi Nkosi (ICPCN)
Barbara Steel (ICPCN)
Lorna Sithole (ICPCN)


Local Organising Committee

Sue Boucher (ICPCN/Committee Chair)
Barbara Steel (ICPCN)
Lorna Sithole (ICPCN)
Alex Daniels (ICPCN)
Zodwa Sithole (ICPCN/HPCA)
Tracey Brand (Umduduzi)
Dr Julia Ambler (Umduduzi)
Adrian Garrett (Interactive Hospitality Unlimited)
Maita Garrett (Interactive Hospitality Unlimited)
Prof Julia Downing (ICPCN/Conference Chair)


Finance Committee

Prof Julia Downing (ICPCN/Conference and Committee Chair)
Richard Carling (ICPCN)
Sabine Kraft (ICPCN)
Sue Boucher (ICPCN)
Barbara Steel (ICPCN)


Scientific Committee

Prof Julia Downing (Committee Chair – UK/Uganda)
Dr Zipporah Ali (Kenya)
Sharon Baxter (Canada)
Dr Delia Birtar (Romania)
Dr Franca Benini (Italy)
Sue Boucher (South Africa)
Dr Hanneke Brits (South Africa)
Lizzie Chambers (UK)
Dr Suzie Cirruzzi (Argentina)
Dr Leeai Chong (Malaysia)
Dr Stephen Connor (USA)
Maraliza de Haan (The Netherlands)
Dr Angelina Dias (Mozambique)
Dr Gracia Eke (Nigeria)
Peter Ellis (UK)
Dr Nahla Gafer (Sudan)
Linda Ganca (South Africa)
Anna Gorchakova (Belarus)
Lyn Gould (UK/China)
Dr Liz Gwyther (South Africa)
Dr Richard Hain (UK)
Jenny Hunt (Zimbabwe)
Dr Rut Kiman (Argentina)
Fatia Kiyange (Uganda)
Sabine Kraft (Germany)
Dr Tamara Klikovac (Serbia)
Dr Ana Lacerda (Portugal)
Dr Eulalia Lascar (Argentina)
Alex Mancini (UK)
Joan Marston (South Africa)
Katrina McNamara (UK)
Penny Makuruetsa (Botswana)
Denise Mortlock (Swaziland)
Prof Mary Ann Muckaden (India)
Dr Jane Nakawezi (Uganda)
Busi Nkosi (South Africa)
Dr Christian Ntizimira (Rwanda)
Regina Okhuysen-Cawley (USA)
Dr Gayatri Palat (India)
Dr Marianne Phillips (Australia)
Paul Quilliam (Australia)
Dr Marli Robertson (Canada)
Dr Natallia Saava (Russia)
Meggi Schuiling-Otten (The Netherlands)
Lanise Shortell (USA)
Jean Tauzie (Malawi)
Dr Chakrapani Vasudevan (UK)
Dr Joanne Wolfe (USA)