ICPCN Scholarship Blind Auction


Sadly, many people who do the good work of looking after children and their families in their time of greatest need are not well remunerated for their work and thus are not able to afford the registration fees to attend the 3rd ICPCN Conference taking place in Durban from 30 May – 2 June 2018. At this conference delegates will learn from some of the best people working internationally in children’s hospice and palliative care. What they learn at the conference has the potential to affect the quality of life of countless children and families for the better. These skills and the knowledge gained will also be passed on to their colleagues. So we need to give the gift that keeps giving.

For us to assist nurses, social workers and other lower income health care providers, we are raising funds to sponsor or part sponsor their attendance to this ‘once in a lifetime’ learning experience. The reason you are reading this is because you have been told about our auction or you just have a huge heart and want to help.

So lets get on with it!

Blind Online Auction

How does a blind auction work? It’s quite easily actually. You take a look at what’s on offer, decide if you like what you see, decide how much you are prepared to pay for the item, then submit your bid. Remember that there are a number of people out there who will be doing the same thing, so what you decide is a worthwhile price, may be less that what someone else thinks. The minimum bid is a guideline as to the value attached by us to each item.

Remember that the difference between two bids could be as little as 10 cents, so be creative with your bids!

You are not limited to 1 bid, but your highest bid will be the bid that counts. All bids are confidential and you won’t know what others have bid. If they do tell you, they may be leading you on too. Strong, well thought out strategies and co-ordinated planning could just be in your favour and you could walk away with a great purchase at a price suited to your pocket.

Just remember that this is a fund raiser and every cent of each winning bid is going to our scholarships.

Rules of the blind auction


Bidding is CLOSED


In the event that you are not keen on bidding for an item but you have a huge heart and would like to donate towards the scholarships, please follow this  link and look for the donation option  for credit card payments or you can transfer by EFT to the following account:

Bank: FNB – First National

Bank branch: Hillcrest

Branch code: 25-06-55

Account type: Cheque

Account name: ICPCN 2018

Account number: 62708535185

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

IBAN number: 62708535185

Please use ref: Don followed by your name

Auction Items

Lot 1:  Two nights for 2 people at Fairmont Zimbali Resort

Two nights accommodation for two people sharing at the Fairmont Zimbali Resort situated inside the exclusive Zimbali Coastal Estate on the KwaZulu Natal north coast. Fairmont Zimbali Resort is the winner of the World Travel Awards, Africa’s Leading Luxury Resort for 2017. It provides a tranquil retreat offering the utmost in stylish comfort and unrivaled service. Located 5 minutes from the bustling holiday town of Ballito, 20 minutes from Umhlanga and 30 minutes from Durban. The voucher includes breakfast for two people at the Coral Tree Restaurant each morning.

For more details on the venue, click here to go to their website.

Value: R8 800

Starting Bid: R1 000

Terms and conditions:


Lot 2:  Weekend stay for 2 adults and 2 children at Pumula Beach Hotel

David Rogers www.photosandafrica.com

A 2 night weekend stay for 2 adults and 2 children at the stunning Pumula Beach Hotel in Umzumbe on the beautiful KwaZulu Natal south coast, just 100 km south of Durban. Pumula Beach Hotel is surrounded by indigenous coastal vegetation and offers a spectacular view of the warm Indian Ocean and direct access to a secure ‘blue-flag’ beach. All meals are inclusive.

For more details on the venue, click here to go to their website.

Value: R8 500

Starting Bid: R700

Terms and conditions:


Lot 3: – Weekend stay for 2 at aha Riverside Hotel

A 2 night weekend stay for 2 people, inclusive of breakfast a the aha Riverside Hotel. This 4 star ocean view luxury accommodation is situated in Durban North, just outside the Durban city centre and boasts unparalleled views across the Indian Ocean and towards Durban’s golden mile beachfront.

For more details on the venue, click here to go to their website.

Value: R5 100

Starting Bid: R500 

Terms and conditions 


Lot 4:  Weekend stay for 2 at Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel

A 2 night weekend stay for 2 people, inclusive of breakfast at the Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel. The Southern Sun Elangeni is an iconic hotel on the Durban beachfront.  Sweeping Indian Ocean views  along the 7 km long beachfront promenade and over the Indian Ocean can be enjoyed from every room.


Value: R6 200 

Starting Bid: R600  

Terms and conditions:

Lot 5: Wall Hanging / Bedspread

This stunning Indian wall hanging or bedspread is from  Jodhpur, India. The generous donor purchased it for R3 500. It has been handmade by the gypsies that live in the desert between India and Pakistan. The whole family sits around the ‘growing’ piece while working on it. The detail and diversity of fabric is amazing. It does come with poles so it can be hung on a wall.


Value: R3 500 

Starting Bid: R500

Lot 6: Flowers in Abstract

We have a number of beautiful paintings donated by local artist Friederike Macquet. Her paintings are mostly done in oils, but this one is in Acrylic. Painted on canvas and measuring 600 mm x 900 mm, this is an attractive piece that would look good in any home.

Value: R2 000

Starting Bid R400

Lot 7: Carrying the Load

This deep and emotional painting donated by local artist Friederike Macquet is in oils. Painted on canvas and measuring 600 mm x 900 mm, This is a moving canvas that can toy with your emotions.

 So many possibilities here, but we think around  R2 000

Value: R2 000

Starting bid: R400

Lot 8: Stairs

Where do they come from and where to they go? This is a mystery that no-one really knows. Painted by local artist Friederike Macquet in oils. Painted on canvas and measuring 600 mm x 780 mm

I see the price going up the stairs all the way to a heavenly R2 000

Value: R2 000

Starting bid: R300 

Lot 9: Mystic man

Bright and colourful, but what is going on behind those eyes? It could be amusement, anger, sorrow, weariness or a whole load more emotions. Can you relate to him? Another skiful piece by  local artist Friederike Macquet painted with oils. Painted on canvas and measuring 500 mm x 500 mm.

How can we put value to those eyes, but I believe he would be happy with R1 750. But that’s not for him to decide!

Value: R1 750

Starting bid: R300  

Lot 10: Still life yellow flowers

What is the story behind the flowers? A gift from a friend, a partner or someone else? Must be that they livened up the day to justify being painted.  Another intriguing piece by local artist Friederike Macquet painted in oils. Painted on canvas and measuring 700 mm x 800 mm.


Ask any woman the value of a bunch of flowers and she will say ‘priceless’ but we have to set a standard and go with R2 000!

Value: R2 000

Starting bid: R300

Lot 11: Harbour Lights

This is a stunning painting of our very own Durban Harbour. Another  piece by local artist Friederike Macquet painted in oils. Painted on canvas and measuring 440 mm x 880 mm.


Loads of value in the cargo being shifted in the background, but this piece we putting up at R1 750 

Value: R1 750

Starting bid: R300

Lot 12: Dinner voucher at Niko’s Coalgrill Greek Restaurant in Durban

Situated in the heart of Durban North, Nikos marries contemporary dining with traditional home-style Greek  cooking, coal grilled to perfection!

This R500 voucher from Niko’s Coalgrill Greek Restaurant will ensure an evening of delicious dining with a partner or with the family.

Value: R500

Starting bid: R100

Lot 13: Seafood Buffet for 2 at Coastlands Umhlanga Hotel


Value: R750

Starting bid: R150

Terms & Conditions:

• This prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
• This prize is valid for 3 months from date of issue.
• This prize excludes any meals not stipulated above and excludes any beverages.
• This prize letter must be scanned and send to us when making your reservation and the original prize letter must be presented upon arrival at the hotel reception.
• This prize is subject to availability when the reservation is made.

Lot 14: Meal voucher for 2 at Glenwood Bakery

Yummy… Meal voucher for 2 and best of all the value depends on what you order. Breakfast, lunch or dinner for two (including a drink and pudding).

Value: R400

Starting bid: R70 

Terms & Conditions: