You can download and print the Book of Abstracts for the 3rd ICPCN Conference

Abstracts for 3rd ICPCN Conference




Download the book of abstracts here



Oral and Poster presenters at the conference have been asked if they would allow access to their work via our website. Below you can find those we have been sent. If you presented and would be willing to share your work with others, please send your presentation in PDF format to info@icpcn.org



Accompanying the dying child and family at the end of life – Danai Papadatou

Bridging the gap in palliative care in the Rare Disease community – Kelly du Plessis

Innovations in the pharmacological treatment of pain – Dr Sat Jassal MBE

Innovative models of transitioning from children’s to adult Palliative Care Services – Dr Pat Carragher

Inspiring others through the lessons learnt in developing CPC nationwide – Dr Ana Lacerda

The role of education in Children’s Palliative Care – Linda Ganca



9. Play of children with life threatening/life limiting conditions: A scoping review

10. Children with non-oncological life-limiting conditions deserve the same high-quality palliative care as children with incurable cancer – Archana Soman

21. Paediatric Palliative Care – Are we doing enough – Dr Grace Ng

40. Systematic review of the experience of communication in the care of children with palliative care needs – Maha Atout

44. Integration of Paediatric Pallaitive Care in M.P Shah Hospital – Dr Nafula Esther

47. It’s possible to evaluate the emotional wellbeing of children and parents in a PPC unit – Daniel Toro Perez

58. Standardization of sedation and analgesia solution infusions – Beatriz Palop

74. How can we evaluate quality of life of children with life-limiting conditions – Marie Friedel

79. Development of a Digital App – ICPCN Pain Assessment Tool for Children – Sue Boucher

81. Understanding Nurses’ Experiences of Supporting Parents and Families to Care for Children who are Dying, in Qatar – Karen Gauthier

102. Professional parents and personified doctors An interview study on decision-making in paediatric palliative care – Marije Brouwer

103. Draw me a ladder, so I can climb to heaven – Marije Brouwer

127. The Umduduzi Story – Dr Julia Ambler and Tracey Brand

127. The Umduduzi Story – Always seen, finally heard – Tracey Brand

129. Assessment of Pain in Children Knowledge and Practice of Healthcare providers – Grace Eke and Uju Azubogu

131. Reaching the world with perinatal palliative care – Tammy Ruiz Ziegler

134. Advocating for CPC in Africa – Busi Nkosi

140. #CPC by WhatsApp – Dr Julia Ambler and Tracey Brand

148. Experience from a home-based palliative care service in Malaysia – LeeAi Chong

150. Remember the Spring – Joan Marston

155. Palliative Care Voices- Huyaam Samuels, WHPCA volunteer; Lucy Watts, WHPCA; Claire Morris, WHPCA; and Kate Jackson, WHPCA

177. Expanding interdisciplinary boundaries lecturing perinatal palliative care with midwives – Dr Rut Kiman

162. A Loving Link between a children”s hospice and inmates of two prisons – Joan Marston

181. Integrating PPC into a public health structure. What do we need – Alex Daniels

182. A multi-organizational approach to Paediatric Oncology children and their families through the Childhood Cancer Network in KZN – Cara Noble 

187. Evolving CPC training online – reviewing the ICPCN e-learning programme – Alex Daniels




6. Integrative Therapies in Paediatric Palliative Care – Marie Wrinn

8. Art as self care: Creating your own Zentangle – Marie Wrinn

12. Communication in CPC beyond generation, cultural and language barriers – Hanneke Brits

24. Intuition in the Innovation Process of Paediatric Palliative Care – Prof Louisella Magnani

130. Management of Paediatric Pain – How Knowledgeable are Healtcare Provders at a Tertiary centre Southern Nigeria – Dr Gracia Eke

31. Development of Multidisciplinary pediatric palliative care program in Mbeya Tanzania – Liane Campbell

33. Mbeya Case Report Walking a fine line – Liane Campbell

55. Nationwide structure for for Integrated CPC – Stephanie Vallianatos

57. A journey to Itaca – Implementation of a Pediatric Palliative Care Unit in a Tertiary Public Hospital in Spain – Carla Cuso Cuquerella

60. The importance of a pediatric palliative care diffusion campaign before the implantation of a new pediatric palliative care unit in a Spanish tertiary public hospital – Andrés Morgenstern

70. The need for sustaining hope during communication of unfavourable news in the care of children with palliative care needs – Maha Atout

75. Do we evaluate the outcomes of our interventions in paediatric palliative care? A systematic review – Marie Friedel

76. A Big Dream – Lynda Gould MBE

83. Sustainable Innovations in CPC based on a real patients story – Carolien Huizinga

84. A case-based case for an adolescent multidisciplinary team in an adult oncology unit – Dr Louise Walker

91. An approximation to the spirituality of the children with serious neurological illness – Jose Antonio Porras Cantarero

93. Role of Architectural Design in improving quality of life of children – Amruta Talawadekar

116. Risk and protective factors for parents bereaved from childhood cancer – Leigh Donovan

133. The attitudes of clinicians towards palliative care before an after training in palliative care – Busi Nkosi

143. PaLNet – A holistic network providing palliative care support to children and adults in KwaZulu Natal – Dr Samantha Govender

147. The Evolution of Palliative Care Covering 20 Years in Rural South Africa – Dr Silvia Paz

179. How to improve number of children accessing palliative care – lessons from Malawi – Fred Chiputula

194. Developmentally appropriate communication strategies to empower children and their families to become active members of the palliative care team – Dr Karen van Zijl and Isabel Schimper

206. Support network for children and young people with life-limiting and chronic complex conditions in Catalonia – Andrés Morgenstern



Workshop on Children’s Palliative Care in Humanitarian Crises – Joan Marston

Workshop Developing CPC Services – Butterfly Children’s Hospices – Lyn Gould

Workshop on Perinatal Palliative Care – Link to resources

Pioneering Perinatal Palliative Care – Tammy Ruiz Ziegler